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State Contributions

Iowa Department of Natural Resources

 Temp Photo The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is the government agency that leads Iowans in caring for their natural resources. It is responsible for maintaining state parks and forests, protecting the environment, and managing energy, fish, wildlife, and land and water resources in Iowa.

Iowa Alliance for Wind Innovation and Novel Development (IAWIND)

The Iowa Alliance for Wind Innovation and Novel Development is designed to support the  Temp Photo State of Iowa in its efforts to continue to attract and nurture wind energy and related industries. IAWIND is a partnership with state and local governments, the community colleges, universities, the private sector, associations and community organizations, and the federal government.  This state-wide effort will help coordinate the breadth of activities and capabilities in research and education taking place within the state, and catalyze activities designed to meet the research, training and testing needs of the rapidly expanding wind energy industry.


AMRCC Alternative Materials & Energy Resources Work Group

Of increasing importance to Iowa’s economic potential is effective deployment of renewable  Temp Photo resources as viable, sustainable substitutes for petroleum- and carbon-based products and fuels.  AM&ER is a consortium of industrial and academic innovators who utilize raw and composite renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable materials in commercial products and energy consumption.  The goal is to make Iowa a leader in alternative materials and renewable energy resource research, engineering, development, and production.

The University of Iowa College of Engineering