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Faculty Research

NOTE: The College of Engineering is seeking a faculty member in water sustainaility engineering. For more information, click here.

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Gregory R. Carmichael Atmospheric transport chemistry modeling; high speed computing and sensitivity analysis.
David W. Murhammer Biochemical engineering; insect cell culture; oxidative stress in cell culture; application of sensors to bioreactor monitoring and control.
Tonya L. Peeples Biochemical engineering; extremophile physiology; bioremediation.
David G. Rethwisch Membrane separations; polymer science; catalysis.
Alec B. Scranton Photopolymerization.
Charles O. Stanier Atmospheric carbon dioxide; ultrafine atmospheric particles; atmospheric chemistry; aerosol health effects; organic aerosol chemistry.
Mani V. Subramanian Biochemistry; Bioinformatics; Biotechnology; Molecular Biology.


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Nandita Basu Contaminant fate and transport; watershed modeling; environmental and ecosystem hydrology; ecosystem restoration; human impacts on the environment; water resource sustainability.
A. Allen Bradley, Jr. Hydrology; hydrometeorology.
George Constantinescu Environmental engineering; fluid Mechanics; hydraulics; computational fluid dynamics; parallel computing.
William E. Eichinger Hydrology and fluid mechanics in the environment; atmospheric pollution control and remediation; optical remote sensing; Lidar (laser radar); nuclear physics; engineering. 
Keri Hornbuckle Cycling of organic contaminants in aquatic and terrestrial systems.
Craig L. Just Phytoremediation of explosives; water quality and cyberinfrastructure; fate determination of contaminants during wastewater treatment; poverty reduction and community
building in poorer countries such as Guatemala, Mexico and Haiti.
Witold F. Krajewski Hydrology and hydrometeorology; radar and satellite remote sensing; water resources systems. 
Hosin "David" Lee Transportation engineering; construction management, highway engineering; pavement materials; pavement design; infrastructure management system; digital image processing; non-destructive evaluation; geographic information system.
Timothy E. Mattes Environmental engineering; microbiology; biochemistry; molecular biology.
Marian V. I. Muste River hydraulics; cyberinfrastructure-based information systems for
eco-hydrological observatories; uncertainty and risk analyses;
laboratory and field instrumentation and data acquisition systems;
remote experimentation and international engineering education.
Wilfrid A. Nixon Water highway maintenance; ice engineering; mechanical properties of ice.
A. Jacob Odgaard Environmental fluid mechanics; hydraulic engineering; hydraulic structures; hydraulic modeling; river engineering; river mechanics.
Thanos Papanicolaou Transport of cohesionless and cohesive sediments; watershed sedimentation processes, environmental and fluvial hydraulics; river mechanics and morphology; turbulent flow; experimental methods.
Gene F. Parkin Environmental engineering; environmental biotechnology; bioremediation.
Michelle M. Scherer Fe redox cycling and biogeochemistry; nanoscience in geochemistry; environmental chemistry; ground water remediation; Mössbauer spectroscopy and electrochemistry.
Jerald L. Schnoor Water quality modeling; aquatic chemistry; biogeochemistry. 
Richard L. Valentine Chemistry; environmental chemistry; chemical engineering.
Larry J. Weber Modeling of fish passage facilities; hydraulic structures and river restoration and protection of endangered species. 


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Er-Wei Bai Modeling, control, signal processing and the application to energy efficiency.
Thomas L. Casavant Bioinformatics, computational biology, genome sequence analysis, software tools for human disease mutation identification, computer architecture; parallel processing; distributed computing; software engineering.
Gary E. Christensen Medical image processing, high performance computing, software engineering, green computing.
Anton Kruger Geophysical measurements; visualizing and managing large geophysical data sets; particle image volocimetry and image processing; embedded systems.


Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

P. Barry Butler Thermophysics of condensed-phase energetic materials; multiphase reactive flow; shock physics; thermodynamics of reactive processes. 
Andrew Kusiak Computational intelligence; data mining; operations research; engineering design; manufacturing.
Predictive Engineering in Wind Energy, May 23, 2008, presentation at WINDPOWER 2008, the American Wind Energy Association Conference
Ching-Long Lin Four-dimensional data assimilation; large-eddy simulation; level-set method; lattice-Boltzmann method; turbulence dynamics. 
Albert Ratner Combustion; laser diagnostics; reacting and unsteady flows; combustion instability; reaction layer dynamics.
H. S. Udaykumar Computational fluid dynamics; Moving boundaries interacting with flows; Biofluid mechanics; Materials processing.
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