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P2 Pollution Prevent for Businesses Program

Pollution Prevention, or P2, is any practice that eliminates or reduces waste or hazardous  Temp Photo substances at the source prior to reuse, recycling, treatment and disposal.  Companies can save money, increase profits, operate more efficiently and improve the environment through P2 practices. Iowa's businesses and industries will find numerous resources on this Web page to reap the benefits of pollution prevention.  The Iowa Department of Natural Resources Pollution Prevention Services offers confidential and non-regulatory assistance at no cost.

Pollution Prevention Internship Program

Interns with the Iowa Pollution Prevention Program experience a unique partnership of academia, industry and government all working together toward environmental and economic goals.

Interns gain first-hand experience in their career discipline, as they integrate pollution prevention methodologies into core business practices such as six sigma and lean manufacturing, zero waste, EMS and quality management programs to create tangible economic benefits for their host company.  Click here for information on Engineering students participating in the 2010 summer P2 internship program.

The University of Iowa College of Engineering